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Hello lovely readers, This post should be titled HOW TO MAKE SUSHI WHEN YOU ARE A HUNGRY COLLEGE STUDENT? more like frustrated too, I promise there is a recipe somewhere below but please read this first.   So you might know I am uni student (any students in the house?) anyway, so the other day I passed by my favorite sushi joint and bought some nori sheets because I wanted to make some sushi sometime this week. You know sushi is the best and fastest food to make as a ... Continue Reading


It's officially summer because the weather has broken out! I mean it is now really hot, and that means it is time for all the iced drinks and iced teas to be made.  Green tea has a lot of health benefits and here are some: we all know this one, green tea is an anti oxidant meaning it contains polyphenols which detoxify the body of cell damaging substances  Green tea helps to keep blood sugar stable Green tea can aide in weight loss ONLY if you are drinking t in ... Continue Reading
peach cobbler oatmeal


Hi there,  If you are new here then let me tell you that I don't like sugar, at all. The stuff should just stop being produced, but unfortunately I do love a lot of dishes and treats that rely heavily on sugar to be made. E.g peach cobbler. But I have also realized why should I not have it sugar free, the only reason we think we need sugar in it is its probably always been served to you full of sugar, but when you think about it, aren't peaches sweet? and when fruit is baked it gets ... Continue Reading
tuna pizza

Tuna Pizza

Pizza is such an easy thing to make, It literally is like making a sandwich but you wait for it to bake. Tuna pizza happens to be way up there on my pizza list, while I stayed stuck on Tuna Bacon pizza for so long I have recently converted to this, and what I love more than feeding me is feeding others(mostly for the compliments really haha) . So the other day I thought I'd treat my BFF to this Pizza and yea it was of course praised and appreciated and loved and requested again again! and ... Continue Reading

Let’s Talk About Sugar {including sugar free dishes}

Hi guys, This is the second to the series Weight loss Wednesday. I hope to share as often as I can, well whenever my school life can permit to. Today we talk about sugar. If you read my previous weight loss plan post you will notice that my weight loss diet excludes 1 thing, SUGAR! Why? Because I am a sugar addict and have been all my life! We could say it's been almost a month of being sugar free (not entirely I did eat some pasta and a tortilla at some point) but mostly my veggies ... Continue Reading


Hello there, Have you tried Oatmeal pancakes? Am sure you are familiar with the 3 ingredient banana pancakes i.e banana, egg and cinnamon powder. I cannot say how many times I have tried to make these pancakes but they always cannot flip without breaking, to the people who do it kudos to y'all! So for me, I add 1 cup oats flour, which is just oats ground, or sometimes I don't even grind the oats I just blend everything together. They contain no sugar, no gluten and no dairy if you use dairy ... Continue Reading
mayonnaise fish sliders


There is a cafe in my school where they sell these Fish sandwiches that are so good, I can always tell the reason why its so good is because of the sauce accompanying it, Of course its mayonnaise based but  it's also green so it took me awhile to figure out all the ingredients also you can definitely taste the lemon and the butter in it. I figured it out. EUREKA!                                   ... Continue Reading
margherita pizza quesadilla

Margherita Pizza Quesadilla

Good Monday to you! (if you are reading this Monday!) Meatless Monday took a break for awhile due to my exams but we are back at again! I always post a healthy meatless Monday post, but really meatless can be indulging as well. How about this Margherita Pizza Quesadilla? well, you see it's just the ingredients for making a Margherita pizza but on a tortilla. I do this all the time, make pizza quesadilla  when I want pizza but either don't have a crust or want to keep it low carb. ... Continue Reading

Meatball Pizza

Have you tried Meatball pizza before?I first had it at some Italian restaurant in Shanghai and it tasted absolutely amazing I had to make it myself, and guess what? It requires the least amount of ingredients to make compared to other pizzas.  Seriously I kid you not, Meatballs, pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and pizza crust done! Literally 4 ingredients! If you need to make the crust I use a very simple recipe to make 8 6 inch pizza crusts, The reason I make 6 inch pizza crusts is ... Continue Reading


How many people can pronounce Worcestershire sauce easily? I cannot even spell it without confirming! This hard to spell and pronounce sauce is so good for making marinades and BBQ that I just wall it doesn't matter if you can spell it or not, take a picture of it when you go to the store if you have to because you just need it in your life. Drizzle it over your meat, roast that meat and that's some awesome stuff! if you have had take out from Chinese places then you should be familiar with ... Continue Reading
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