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Hello Dear friends, I haven't posted a recipe in a while for some reasons. One is am on holiday and really enjoying have someone  do my cooking for me, not to worry I cook here and there. Second is am on a smoothie detox which is actually really hard while on vacation because everyone wants to have lunch or dinner and what I have realized is Nairobi restaurants need to up their health food section, because I can't be reduced to salad (that are boring) and juices (which am very skeptical ... Continue Reading
how to make dumplings


Here is the video tutorial on how to make dumplings  ; Making dumplings is so easy and very rewarding. The written recipe is down below; Ingredients 3 eggs  15 dumpling wrappers (you can buy these at any Asian food stores if you are not in Asia) 1 cup chopped Bok Choy 1 tablespoon Balsamic vinegar  Pinch of salt 1/4 teaspoon black pepper  Method: Scramble the eggs, add them to a bowl with the bok choy and the rest add the ingredient. Mix well. ... Continue Reading
what i ate today


Hey guys, I wanted to share what I ate today with you guys since it has been awhile since I shared this kind of post. Here is the last one. My weight loss journey actually took a wrong turn and I fell off a bit. I just made some excuses about having exams and didn't focus on my diet for awhile. But I am getting back on it because My goal this year was to get fit and I have to make that happen.  I had Kimchi Omelet for breakfast, and it was really good. I love having omelet for breakfast ... Continue Reading


Hi there, Are you looking for out of this world chickpea pancakes? well, look no further you are here! First these pancakes are just basic, we mix some eggs, baking powder....all the normal culprits for making pancakes but! We use yogurt that will make your pancakes so fluffy! And then the crown on top, this coconut blueberry sauce that takes 10 minutes to make and can be stored in the fridge for up to 2 weeks!!! that's so many pluses in my saving time and money books (yes they are ... Continue Reading
weekend vibes


Hi there,  We are having another coffee break to catch up on things. What you been up to what I have been up to.  This weekend was quite exciting for me, having a completely free weekend and not having to worry bout anything school related I went crazy (this is crazy for me). We just recently finished the semester and so Thank god for all these free weekends I am bout to enjoy! Now I truly understand what TGIF means.  Come along with me to Nanjing Road in Shanghai, I ... Continue Reading
coffee pancakes


Sometimes you need coffee in your cup and on your plate too, that's when you make coffee pancakes! I make these pancakes so much and every time I post them the recipe is requested when really there isn't a specific recipe or formula. The one thing you will be guaranteed is that there will be  coffee in your pancakes!  I have sugar free option in this post that uses 1 mashes banana for 1 cup flour as sweetener , and trust me it gets the job done!    Banana Coffee ... Continue Reading


This Mushroom beef stir-fry will surprise you alot. It is so easy to make and requires so few ingredients.  If you don't believe me watch the video below and look at the ingredient list below for yourself! I can only describe the taste as chop stick licking good! that is if you are using chop sticks like me.  This is perfect for ye busy people who want a dish fast in the same time it takes to order take out! Why make it yourself then? Ok, just know am about to go on a rant ... Continue Reading


This summer just keeps getting hotter and hotter, it is expected to reach 40 °C (104 °F) this summer and honestly it feels like an oven out there. You know when it's hot during the day you find yourself eating cold foods and having the warmer foods at night? well I have been living on popsicles lately. If you follow my Instagram you know I have been posting about this. This Blueberry yogurt popsicle happens to be my favorite because no matter what other fruit you mix in it tastes really ... Continue Reading
pizza dough recipe


Here is the easiest Pizza dough recipe, but before you make the pizza, first you need to play Patrizio Buanne's That's amore and dance along while you make the dough. Once you have the music playing gather your ingredients ; Flour (wheat flour), salt, dry yeast and water. That's it!  You need to knead the dough for a few minutes, pulling and folding. Below is a video to guide you a bit. Once your Pizza dough is properly kneaded, you cut it into how many pizzas you want it to make. ... Continue Reading


Hello there, I am back again with another Korean BBQ recipe. The previous one I did was the Korean BBQ tacos and they were very much loved that It was my top recipe for so long. I totally get why though, If you haven't gotten on the Korean BBQ bandwagon please hop on, because you cannot be missing out on all this goodness!! Enter this Korean BBQ beef sandwich.  First you will need to buy the Korean BBQ sauces which they have a million of at stores, if you live in a very non- ... Continue Reading
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